Our Services

With a perfect blend of experience and expertise, Mainframe.us.com specializes in providing comprehensive support for mainframe systems engineering, infrastructure, and application development. Understanding the latest tools and technology assure delivery of critical solutions that empower IT teams to manage mainframe systems easily and intuitively. With focus on improved mainframe productivity, reliability, scalability, and security, we offer innovative mainframe technicians that will fine tune your technical architecture and add to your IT capabilities, all while bringing down capital and operating expenditure.

Mainframe.us.com has extensive knowledge and skills to support development and maintenance of mainframe systems and applications and can assist with your migration to a new environment. Contact Us today for more information about our services and learn how we can improve your mainframe operations.

  • Hardware Configuration
  • We help standardize the installation, operation, and configuration of hardware required to develop a robust mainframe platform offering improved performance and value. Our expertise in mainframe hardware helps partners implement dynamic configurations and avoid the need to perform a power-on reset in the event of any channel subsystem reconfiguration.

  • z/OS Installation and Maintenance
  • We assist in trouble-free installation and maintenance of complex z/OS operating systems within your budget. Our extensive knowledge in the subject enables us to manage software installations and track modifications applied through System Modification Program Extended tool. We make sure all software and modifications are installed at appropriate levels, assuring smooth functioning of the system. Our expertise helps in processing load modules through link-editing utility and settling issues related to external references and addresses.

  • z/OS Systems Programming Services
  • A step ahead, we help partners customize software, including z/OS operating systems, to address their need for mission-critical information delivery and maximum security. Our superior hardware awareness facilitates programming systems that are customized to run in a resource-constrained environment, operate with less overhead, and offer better control and improved debugging.

  • Mainframe Security
  • Our mainframe security administrators will eliminate threats to your IT infrastructure while improving efficiency, driving down administration time, and simplifying the monitoring and management process. Empowered with knowledge of the latest security technology, Mainframe.us.com experts help minimize data risks, which ensure data integrity.

  • z/OS Mainframe Diagnostics and Troubleshooting
  • We offer reliable, highly effective mainframe troubleshooting skills for resolving your system problems. Our ability to complete a detailed analysis, determine performance tuning opportunities, and identify complex issues hindering operations helps to address compliance requirements and resolve issues. Experience allows us to foresee problems effectively and create automated solutions for complex tasks that eliminate security risks and enhance operational efficiency, leading to fewer requirements for troubleshooting in the future. We also try to improve error-checking and debugging controls during testing and installation of mainframe systems, program products and databases to ensure that enterprises can easily manage their environment without having to seek additional troubleshooting assistance.

  • Mainframe Data Storage Management
  • Mainframe.US.com's experience with IBM and non-IBM vendor storage management solutions can help you meet your goals for mainframe storage management. Operating system upgrades may require upgrades to various vendor packages, while new hardware features may trigger a change in storage methods and operational practices. Our goal is to minimize the impact of these changes and allow the enterprise-computing environment to fully benefit from mainframe storage systems upgrades.

  • Mainframe Disaster Recovery Services
  • Data is a critical asset and every organization makes efforts to secure it against unpredictable situations, disasters, and virus attacks. However, situations may arise where our contingency plans fail to safeguard the data. In such circumstances, look to Mainframe.US.com’s data recovery and support services to enable enterprises to retrieve their data via a secondary alternative and ensure business continuity. Our support helps you overcome loss of data caused by local failures due to physical facility bottlenecks or IT breakdown. We can create access through secondary centers with backups when a disaster renders the primary site inoperable.

  • z/OS System Operations and Production Control
  • We facilitate continued operations and production control through cost-effective mainframe personnel placement that can help eliminate IT errors and downtime, positively affecting operation of your mission critical systems. With a focus on resource optimization and reduction of overhead cost, our mainframe technicians can help IT teams gain skills vital to reduce complexity and improve business agility. Rapid execution of an automated disaster recovery plan allows business to flow without major disturbances.

  • Mainframe Assembler and COBOL Programming
  • Mainframe COBOL and Assembler programs continue to prove their worth. Over half of all companies continue to run nearly 70% of their mission critical applications using these robust languages. COBOL, has emerged as a more reliable option for those looking for higher level languages and are unwilling to jump to Java or other unstable platforms. The capacity of COBOL to facilitate processing of large volumes of data on the mainframe makes it a favorite of many. Our team has ample experience in writing and maintaining programs written in Assembler and user-friendly COBOL languages. We focus on developing clear and intelligible COBOL programs compatible with the latest debugging and maintenance techniques and superior flexibility, allowing common use.

  • Knowledge Transfer
  • We capture and transfer critical mainframe knowledge using our Quick Capture Tools, which allow us to remotely record a technician performing procedures on your mainframe. Our mainframe experts then analyze the captured video and break it down into logical steps, adding informative text to each video describing the operations being performed in simple terms. Your technicians will login to your company’s customized mainframe LMS and access the cataloged video procedures.