z/OS System Operations and Production Control

It is an important role of the datacenter's Operations and Production Control staff to identify and help implement automated procedures which improve the throughput of your zSeries processor(s).

The professionals at Mainframe.US.com can assist with automated production control services. Contact Us today for more information about our services and learn how we can improve your mainframe operations.

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Controlling, operating and closely monitoring the z/OS system effectively is of utmost importance:

  • Streamline batch schedules in a way that will avoid bottlenecks, contention and missed SLAs.
  • Display the current health of your z/OS systems.
  • Monitor the number of active and completed jobs and escalate to appropriate application groups as needed per instructions.
  • Verify incoming and outgoing FTP connections are up and functioning.
  • Display the status of devices and availability of paths to those devices.
  • Communicate to critical z/OS subsystems such as JES2, VTAM, VPS, scheduling systems and Work Load Manager.
  • Communicate across many systems within a SYSPLEX.
  • IPL systems and implement changes as requested by the mainframe technical staff.
  • Respond to action and error messages on the master console and alert boards to remediate errors as they occur.
  • Monitor and help enhance workload management service policies to get the most out of your SYSPLEX.

z/OS provides several system and subsystem commands that provide valuable job information and the status of your systems. Let Mainframe.US.com help you with your Operations and Production Control needs.