Mainframe Security

With over 60% of online data residing on mainframes, according to an IBM estimate, mainframe security is undoubtedly crucial to both large and small businesses worldwide. Since mainframes are highly in demand for their reliability, performance, scalability, and overall cost efficiency, these are considered an inherently secure platform. However, it is indispensable for data centers to secure their network connections and manage the mainframe TCP/IP.

At, we have experienced mainframe security specialists that are highly skilled in securing the mainframe enterprise network, offering effective, low cost mainframe security solutions. Contact Us today for more information about our services and learn how we can improve your mainframe operations.

Importance of Mainframe Security

Mainframes are an ideal choice for large-scale transaction processing, and have been serving as the "backbone IT server of choice" for most of the world's renowned businesses. Perceived as a closed environment, mainframes are often considered "bulletproof" against all kinds of security risks and invulnerable to hackers. As a result, many businesses wrongly ignore the security threats that put mainframes at risk. There are potential mainframe security concerns that can cause significant losses to businesses. You may have conducted security auditing, penetration testing, and vulnerability assessments on your network assets, but if you overlook mainframes, you make yourself vulnerable to security threats, hackers, and potential security attacks.

Our certified Comptia Network + personnel excel at establishing and maintaining your mainframe security environment. With decades of mainframe expertise, we follow a unique approach to offer enterprise-level security knowledge to our clients. We consider all potential threats arising from interaction between the mainframe and different kinds of clouds to defend the pervasively connected mainframe. Through years of experience as mainframe security providers, we are well aware of the potential insider attacks and vulnerabilities, especially hosting applications in the cloud and mainframe setup, and are well-equipped to address all such security concerns and work efficiently to reduce these potential threats.

Efficient Mainframe Security & Encryption

You can capitalize on our ability to encrypt and decrypt large amounts of sensitive data, including email addresses, social security numbers, and credit card numbers, to enable their safe, secure, and rapid passage in and out of data stores. We offer you an ideal alternative to facilitate efficient and speedy decryption. We are an industry leader in the encryption of entire binary files when there is no need for field-level granularity to protect data.

Information Secured

A number of businesses opted for the mainframe environment to ensure high levels of performance and reliability of their most important data. With our expertise and implementation of z/Series tools, you gain a robust mainframe security solution matching the power of the mainframe environment, which can help keep your mainframe network safe and secure.

  • We have expertise to help identify and remediate mainframe security risks, and to develop and enforce security policies and procedures.
  • With years of security assessment experience, we offer security services to help you meet regulatory requirements to ensure the security of your mainframes and the applications on them. understands the importance of mainframes and the role they play in supporting mission critical applications, which store sensitive data and must be protected. We offer mainframe security solutions to provide you with the ability to encrypt sensitive information in z/OS environments, ensuring security, flexibility, performance, manageability, and timely availability.