Hardware Configuration

Let Mainframe.US.com help you with your Hardware Configuration Dialog. Hardware Configuration Definition (HCD) offers an interactive interface allowing users to define the hardware configuration of the processor's channel subsystem and the operating system running on the processor.

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You must define an I/O configuration to the operating system (software) and the channel subsystem (hardware). The Hardware Configuration Definition component of z/OS consolidates the hardware and software I/O configuration processes under a single interactive end-user interface. The validation checking that HCD does as you enter data helps to eliminate errors before you attempt to use the I/O configuration.

The output of HCD is an I/O definition file (IODF), which contains I/O configuration data. An IODF is used to define multiple hardware and software configurations to the z/OS operating system. When you activate an IODF, HCD defines the I/O configuration to the channel subsystem and/or the operating system.

With the HCD activate function or the z/OS ACTIVATE operator command, you can make changes to the current configuration without having to initial program load (IPL) the software or power-on reset (POR) the hardware. Making changes while the system is running is known as dynamic configuration or dynamic reconfiguration.