Mainframe Disaster Recovery Services

Disaster recovery is indispensable for the survival of a business in a hostile environment. Natural disasters, terrorist attacks, hacker attempts and other threats make a mainframe system vulnerable to potential losses and interruptions. At, we can help you prepare for the unexpected while enabling your staff to focus on your core competencies and reduce costs. We have the capability to recover a data center at a different site if a disaster destroys the primary site or even renders it inoperable.

The professionals at are focused on providing comprehensive disaster recovery services. Contact Us today for more information about our services and learn how we can improve your mainframe operations.

How Can We Help

System downtime can impact your business qualitatively and quantitatively, affecting your ability to serve customers and manage operations. At, we understand that fast recovery from downtime reduces losses and raises availability of revenue-generating applications. We have designed a disaster recovery service to ensure rapid recovery of mainframe-based applications. We can help you conduct periodic disaster recovery rehearsals to build confidence in your recovery processes.

For applications demanding more aggressive recovery objectives, we focus on designing and managing a disaster-tolerant solution, which will help high-value applications to operate even during an unplanned outage or any other eventuality. If you allow to look after your critical computing systems disaster recovery needs, you can benefit from:

  • Reduced upfront costs by letting us manage your disaster recovery plan.
  • Access to our skilled technical staff, trained in mainframe availability.
  • Proactive rehearsals created as part of the process so that they do not interfere with your production or test systems.

Our highly skilled engineers help you determine recovery point objectives and recovery time for your environment and offer recommendations accordingly. At, our disaster recovery capabilities include:

  • Data recovery
  • Data backup or replication
  • Business continuity planning
  • Ongoing plan audits
  • Off-site data protection

Don’t leave your highly valuable business to chance. Let us handle the responsibility to manage your disaster recovery to make sure your critical OS can recover in case of power outage, natural disaster, or system failure. The ever-increasing reliance on business data, besides stringent regulatory compliance issues, drive the need for faultless disaster recovery.

From a mainframe perspective, we can help you with:

  • XRC
  • GDPS
  • Global Mirroring
  • PPRC
  • Backups and offsite storage
  • Emergency recoveries
  • Channel Extension

We believe the chief characteristic of a disaster recovery solution is that processing resumes at a different site and on different hardware. Disaster recovery is one key component of an overall Business Continuity Plan, which, ultimately, is your ability to recover data. At, we are your ultimate solution to all your data protection and disaster recovery needs, helping you safeguard your proprietary information and network from outside as well as inside attacks.